About Us

The Fried Tomato Co. prides itself on being a results-driven organisation. Under-promising and over-delivery has been our way of service ever since our inception, and client satisfaction has been our goal. We understand the importance and value your brand has for your business, and appreciate the need for its strategic positioning on a global basis for sustained business benefit.

Led by a strong team of media, design, and business management professionals, The Fried Tomato Co.has proven competencies in offering a variety of services in a wide range of business domains.

Combining business strategisation with creativity in visualisation and design, The Fried Tomato Co. ensures brand recognition and can help you generate a rapid growth in demand for your core deliverables among targeted clients.

Our Philosophy

In a world driven by and towards convergence, The Fried Tomato Co. appreciates the need among organisations today for integrated marketing. Our philosophy is influenced by this truth, and has led us to reorganize our setup such that we offer a homogenous mix today of creativity, business strategy, technological ability, and design to offer the best-of-breed solutions to our clients. Our enduring philosophy has been to combine skill-sets seamlessly to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the specific requirements of our client.


We believe our corporate philosophy is best reflected in our choice of team members and our investments in continuous training. We pride ourselves in our core team of talented and multi-faceted professionals. We understand that the ability to, say, design alone is no longer enough in today’s world.

A designer needs to be able to perceive the needs of a specific business setup, and should be able to translate this understanding into visual design and architecture that builds on and furthers the core requirements of the client.

The Fried Tomato Co. also conducts regular trans-disciplinary training sessions, exposing its teams to the theories and practices of different areas of expertise. This leads to a gradual understanding of the nuances of all aspects of our work, leading to a much better ability to serve the client team more effectively.

This mix of talent and training leads, predictably, to a long list of satisfied clients on hand, and to a secure and confident team bustling with talent and drive. We are proud of the fact that many of our team members have been with us for many years, and intend to spend many more happy years enriching our offerings with their talent.

To these team members, The Fried Tomato Co. owes a strong debt of gratitude and thanks. These are our backbone; these are The Fried Tomato Co.