The Fried Tomato Co offers a complete bouquet of  sponsorship sales , sponsorship management, donor campaign creation and implementation, stakeholder relations management advertising, media management, public relations and marketing services, effectively addressing all your business-development needs.

With our dedicated account managers following up on your needs on a regular basis, and a team of qualified and experienced professionals engaged in creating newer and better material to further your advertising / presence campaigns, you can be sure that your promotions receive the kind of sensitive and capable handling you always wanted.

The Fried Tomato Co. offers the following core services:

  • Sponsorship Sales and Management
  • Place Marketing & City Branding
  • Large Scale Public Event Creation and Implementation
  • Production Management & Show Booking Services
  • Other above and below the line activities in conjunction with some of our key partners such as IE Communications and Forever PR.



The Fried Tomato Co. will take on sponsorship sales for your events, conferences, and conventions. This is a key focus of our  business.Services offered include selling sponsorships for the event, and often also selling exhibits for these events.

We know which sponsorship works, and which does not. We act as your dedicated sales department, and use our professional selling methods to maximise sponsorship (and exhibit) rands for your event. We provide these services to non-profits, as well as for profit companies.

Successful sponsorship partnerships are well managed partnerships where real commercial value has been leveraged for the sponsor. The Fried Tomato Co. not only will sell sponsorhips for your event, but we will also manage the relationship and reporting on your behalf.

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The Fried Tomato Co. employs marketing principles and techniques to advance the appeal and viability of a place (town, city, state, region, or nation) to tourists, businesses, investors, and residents.

Among the “place sellers” are economic development agencies, tourist promotion agencies, and mayors’ offices. Place sellers must gain a deep understanding of how place buyers make their…

Place branding (including place marketing and place promotion) is a new umbrella term encompassing nation branding, region branding and city branding.Place branding is the process of image communication to a target market. It is invariably related to the notion that places compete with other places for people, resources, and business; the global competition of cities is estimated to host 2.7 million small cities/towns, 3,000 large cities, and 455 metropolises

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The Fried Tomato Co. specialises in the planning and implementation of large scale, outdoor events. Our role is to design and control the overall operations and logistics plan for the entire event.

Our responsibilities within this role will often include the planning and mapping of the site layout, booking and management of all infra structure such as marquees, toilets and fencing, coordination of traffic management, firework coordination, staff management, site management and risk management.

With our extensive experience, we understand the language and processes required by councils, emergency services and high level stakeholders to ensure your event achieves all required permissions, approvals and permits.

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Our production management team efficiently realise the visions of the producer and the director within constraints of technical possibility. This involves coordinating the operations of various production sub-disciplines (scenic, wardrobe, lighting, sound, projection, automation, video, pyrotechnics, stage management, etc.) of the presentation.

In addition to management and financial skills, our production management team have detailed knowledge of all production disciplines including a thorough understanding of the interaction of these disciplines during the production process.

We source , book and manage productions on behalf of our clients taking the stress out of programming in house theatres and venues.

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Your brand is the face of your company; your logo, your signage, your captions, etc. are part of a complex set of items and concepts that form your company’s identity. In a rapidly globalising market, appropriate branding and identity can help you compete capably at the global level, lifting up your organisation’s name among the top names in your chosen area of expertise.

The Fried Tomato Co. offers comprehensive corporate branding and identity services in a structured and yet creative manner driven by your core offerings and positioning brief. We help you identify your target audiences and then offer you a range of options in terms of strategy, design, content, positioning, architecture, etc., forming gradually an identity that your clients can identify and associate with.

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The Fried Tomato Co. has been known for its ability to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented advertising in different media. Whether you are looking to create advertisements for hoardings, newspapers, television, public video displays or web sites,

The Fried Tomato Co has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality advertising content that meets your specific needs.

Depending on your requirement, we leverage our readily-available material to create effective advertising material that really work for your business.
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The Fried Tomato Co. offers a comprehensive range of public relations services designed to enhance your market presence and visibility across markets. From PR strategisation to press conferences, releases, media management, etc., we ensure that all your events reach the media and are amply covered.

Our team of specialized public relations professionals have been known to be some of the best in the business, and have been delivering customer satisfaction now for a number of years within <Local Government, Theatre, Large Public Events and more.>.

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Elsabe is a person of great integrity and passion. She has always added tremendous value to any project I have involved her with.

Chris Botes – Managing Director at CME Capital