Our Services


The Fried Tomato Co. offers a comprehensive range of public relations services, designed to enhance your presence and visibility across markets.

From PR strategy to press conferences, releases, media management, crisis communication and speeches.

Our team of specialised public relations professionals are known to be some of the best in the business, and have been delivering customer satisfaction for a number of years within the public and private sectors.

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Reputation Management

Ultimately, it is our job is to protect and improve perceptions of your business.

The reputation of your business is built on all aspects of its public presence, and is absolutely critical to its success. We look at the whole picture – starting with the basics of understanding who you are and how your business is currently perceived, and working to align your communications strategy with your business strategy, shaping your reputation in the desired direction.

And we not only help you plan for the worst, but we’re there with you when it happens – and will be there once it’s over.

Crisis Communication

Our Vision is to offer the best products and services to our customers, while exceeding expectations.

Under-promising and over-delivery has been our way of service ever since our inception, and client satisfaction has been our goal. We understand the importance and value your brand has for your business, and appreciate the need for its strategic positioning sustained business benefit.

Led by a strong team of media, design, and business management professionals, The Fried Tomato Co. has proven competencies in offering a variety of services in a wide range of business domains.

Media Training

We offer one-day group media training workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions which will equip spokespeople with techniques to interact more effectively with the media and be prepared for any eventuality in any interview scenario, whether it be for print, radio or TV.

Participants will learn to prepare for the interview, organise their thoughts, and share information clearly and concisely in a two-way conversation with any media interviewer.

In addition, they will learn to handle awkward or sensitive questions that could arise during media interviews, and how to avoid their comments being quoted out of context.

Spokespeople will also learn how to develop a broader, more visionary perspective of the trends and issues that revolve around the topics they are discussing in media interviews, from the audience’s perspective as well as their own.

During the workshop, spokespeople will be able to measure the scope of their current knowledge and identify any gaps that need to be filled in order to be prepared for any eventuality during any media interview.

Our training team of well known journalists, will take participants through simulated interview situations to ensure they are well prepared for any future interviews.

Marketing & Advertising

The Fried Tomato Co. has been known for its ability to create rich, effective, target-driven and result-oriented marketing and advertising campaigns.

Whether you are looking to create advertisements for hoardings, newspapers, television, public video displays or web sites,

The Fried Tomato Co has the skills and experience needed to deliver high-quality marketing and advertising content that meets your specific campaign needs. 

Depending on your requirement, we leverage our readily-available material to create effective advertising material that really works for your business.
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Brand Development

We can assist in the development and maintenance of a strong, purpose driven brand.

Behind every strong brand there is a well-defined purpose as to why it exists. Defining that purpose is the first challenge.

The real work lies in ensuring that every touch point reflects that purpose and reinforces the story you are telling.

As the world continues to develop, the seat of control shifts more and more towards the consumer.

Organisations need to be smarter than ever before in gaining an audience’s trust through their brand reputation. We constantly translate insights into real and compelling stories that allow our clients to develop meaningful brand experiences.

The Fried Tomato Co. offers comprehensive corporate branding and identity services in a structured and yet creative manner driven by your core offerings and positioning brief.

We help you identify your target audiences and then offer you a range of options in terms of strategy, design, content, positioning, architecture, etc., forming gradually an identity that your clients can identify and associate with.

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The Fried Tomato Co. specialises in the planning and implementation of events 0f all sizes.

We specialise in creating unique and high profile events that are managed professionally resulting in significant returns on client investment.

No matter the size, The Fried Tomato Co. team manages each event with care and this is evident in a variety of services we offer including but not limited to turn-key project management, celebrity management, sourcing and securing of venues, RSVP management, travel logistics, VIP hosting and hospitality solutions, OHS management, merchandising, etc.

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